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PBNs or Guest Posts to rank higher in the SERPs?

In the modern competitive market, many businesses are implementing different strategies to market their business. While trying to beat the stiff competition, some industries use blogs for marketing their business. The main goal is to update clients and investors of the latest information about the company through posting articles. The use of blogs not only communicates to customers and investors but also creates a substantial web presence. Many people engage in viewing these articles, and in the end, it creates enough traffic.

With the use of blogging as a market strategy, other firms are shifting to one of the most controversial ways: Private Blog Networks. Another alternative is the Guest posting, which develops a high ranking. But what is the difference between a Private Blog Network and Guest posting?

Guest posting

Guest posting involves writing posts for other companies and gets links to your website in return. The post must depict quality for other firms to use them for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A company uses guest posts to provide vital information for Search Engine Optimization.

With appealing posts, many people can share posts through social media and market the company. It’s the most secure method of attracting links to your website. While using the guest posts, you cannot get quick results; it will take time to gain traffic on the site.

On the other hand:

Private Blog Networks

These are website networks creating authority by establishing links between one another. Using this kind of strategy is not approved by Google. However, if you are using it safely, it works like a charm to increase your organic rankings. Many industries use expired domains for Private Blog Networks.

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