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Google is Going to Setup WiFi Spots in The Philippines

The Internet has become a basic human right in some parts of the world. And the reason is that the internet provides useful information for people. It only goes to show how the world is currently changing.

The Philippines is now the beneficiary of Google’s project to provide free internet in different parts of the country. The goal is to provide better internet access to Filipinos. The stations will be located in the airport and other key locations. However, this isn’t the first time that Google helped countries improve their access to free internet. Nigeria and Thailand have benefitted from Google as well.

It works by people signing up and in exchange for getting free 30 minutes worth of internet access. Once the 30 minutes is up, they can sign up once again in order to continue getting the service. Now, this move by Google is a smart one considering that Filipinos have been discovered to be heavy internet users.

Also, there is a growing popularity of online job opportunities. It means that people rely heavily on accessible internet for their day to day activities in the Philippines. This is also a good move for Google. It means that people can make use of Google related products even more for free without worrying about slow connections.

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