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PBNs or Guest Posts to rank higher in the SERPs?

In the modern competitive market, many businesses are implementing different strategies to market their business. While trying to beat the stiff competition, some industries use blogs for marketing their business. The main goal is to update clients and investors of the latest information about the company through posting articles. The use of blogs not only communicates to customers and investors but also creates a substantial web presence. Many people engage in viewing these articles, and in the end, it creates enough traffic.

With the use of blogging as a market strategy, other firms are shifting to one of the most controversial ways: Private Blog Networks. Another alternative is the Guest posting, which develops a high ranking. But what is the difference between a Private Blog Network and Guest posting?

Guest posting

Guest posting involves writing posts for other companies and gets links to your website in return. The post must depict quality for other firms to use them for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A company uses guest posts to provide vital information for Search Engine Optimization.

With appealing posts, many people can share posts through social media and market the company. It’s the most secure method of attracting links to your website. While using the guest posts, you cannot get quick results; it will take time to gain traffic on the site.

On the other hand:

Private Blog Networks

These are website networks creating authority by establishing links between one another. Using this kind of strategy is not approved by Google. However, if you are using it safely, it works like a charm to increase your organic rankings. Many industries use expired domains for Private Blog Networks.

How Your Company Will Reap Significant Benefits From Utilizing Sound SEO Strategies

It is an indisputable fact of today’s business environment that having a strong presence on the internet is a necessity for achieving the kind of growth, profitability and brand awareness that companies always endeavour to achieve. From having a professionally designed, well laid out and customer friendly website to maintaining a strong presence on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, a company’s overall web presence can be a make or break factor in achieving your business goals. Beyond the necessity for a quality website and good social media presence and interaction, there is another critical factor that your company needs to take into account in order to achieve the kind of success that is necessary for today’s highly competitive marketplace. This factor is SEO.

A Brief Explanation Of SEO

To put it simply enough, SEO stands for the term Search Engine Optimization. It refers to strategies that a company can utilize to cause the elements of their web presence to rank higher up in the search results on major search engines like Google. Having a great web presence is necessary, but it can be rendered nearly useless if potential customers are searching on the web for products and services of the type that your company provides and your website and social media is not coming up early in the search results.

The fact is that most web users only really look at the first few pages of results so if your web presence is buried deeper than that, it might go almost completely unnoticed. You want your company’s web presence to come up in the search results as early as possible whenever anyone is looking for the type of business that you operate as in your local area. This is the primary reason why SEO is such an important factor for today’s business community. It is possible to go into more detail about the value of SEO. Here are 4 of the top reasons why your company will reap major benefits from utilizing a sound SEO strategy.

Sound SEO Solutions Help With Rankings In Organic Search

The fact is that Google is the driving force in the world of web searches and the majority of web traffic is driven by organic searches. This is among the biggest reasons why it is such an important facet of your business’s online presence to utilize quality SEO strategies.

Increased Customer Engagement Translates To Sales

The simple fact is that if your web presence is ranking higher in the search engine results and you are getting more traffic to your company’s website and social media, then you are going to have a much better opportunity to interact with your customers and potential customers. This pays massive dividends in the end when it comes to profitability and growth potential.

Your Local Exposure Increases

Being able to bring in web traffic from local residents in the area that your business serves directly is a huge part of maintaining a successful web presence. When a potential customer searches for a product or service of the type that your company deals in and they search for businesses that do that in the area you operate in, you want your business’s name to be the first thing that comes up. This is another place where sound SEO services provided by companies come into play and can make a major difference in how successful your business is in terms of its web-based marketing and advertising. This translates to how well your business does from an overall success standpoint.

Good SEO Makes Your Business Look Important

The fact is that perception is often equal to reality in the business world. If your business is the first thing that comes up in an online search query made by a potential customer, then it makes it look as though your business is the authoritative and go-to place for that area of service within your local area. This perception can have great rewards and can cause your company to be the first one that is contacted by potential customers who are looking for a service or product line that you supply.

Google is Going to Setup WiFi Spots in The Philippines

The Internet has become a basic human right in some parts of the world. And the reason is that the internet provides useful information for people. It only goes to show how the world is currently changing.

The Philippines is now the beneficiary of Google’s project to provide free internet in different parts of the country. The goal is to provide better internet access to Filipinos. The stations will be located in the airport and other key locations. However, this isn’t the first time that Google helped countries improve their access to free internet. Nigeria and Thailand have benefitted from Google as well.

It works by people signing up and in exchange for getting free 30 minutes worth of internet access. Once the 30 minutes is up, they can sign up once again in order to continue getting the service. Now, this move by Google is a smart one considering that Filipinos have been discovered to be heavy internet users.

Also, there is a growing popularity of online job opportunities. It means that people rely heavily on accessible internet for their day to day activities in the Philippines. This is also a good move for Google. It means that people can make use of Google related products even more for free without worrying about slow connections.